How the journal plugin works

The journal plugin allows you to keep a “journal” in Discourse, which basically brings an extra level of comments.

After enabling the plugin, you need to enable it on a per-category basis. You must also select one or more groups that are allowed to post a journal.

In the category settings:

  1. Journal page post: In common Discourse terms this would be the OP or topic post and he’s referring to each topic as a journal page, one that can have multiple journal entries. Create topic button = create new journal page.
  2. Journal entries: In common Discourse terms this would be a reply post to the OP, but instead we are posting new journal page entries. These appear un-nested as standard replies more or less. Reply button = create new journal entry.
  3. Journal entry comments: This is what confused me earlier, but it makes total sense in the context of a journal format. He wants the comments on each journal entry nested underneath it. A journal entry can have many comments, but they should all stay under each journal entry in their own timeline regardless of it’s where on the the entry is in the timeline of the journal page (which makes sense!). Nested comments on replies to a topic post.

If journaling is enabled topics will be ordered as a journal

I assume this means the topics will be listed in that category by journal page (topic) creation date and not by latest journal entry (replies) posting or journal commenting?

It means that any replies to an entry will show directly beneath the entry, instead of chronological.

  • Start post
  • Entry 1
    • Comment 1
    • Comment 3
  • Entry 2
    • Comment 2
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I got that part but to me, that description reads like for a topic list page (ie in a category for which it is enabled, overriding latest view I guess). To me it feels like posts needs to be mentioned in there somewhere, like:

If journaling is enabled topic posting will be ordered as a journal

but maybe that is just how my brain interprets things, mostly based on the visual of a physical journal with chronological pages. :slight_smile:

Just thinking out loud again as is my way…

It’s worth noting that I am dyslexic :woman_facepalming:

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Hey it’s not that I spotted that

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