Hours in time selector is set to NaN when no day is selected

Hi folks!

Being able to select a time before the day would be nice :slight_smile:


Also, allowing video format uploads on your support forum too, as I had to convert an mp4 to webp to be able to upload the animation :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the report

This is now done :+1:t3:


The only time this appears to happen is when you first create a wizard.

When I open an existing wizard, the date is set to current date.

I’ve therefore marked this as low

This is fixed in this PR, awaiting a prior PR to be merged so this one can be brought up-to-date, reviewed and merged:

@angus this will be ready for review shortly after prior PR is merged so I know what plugin version to make it :sweat_smile:

Ready for review @angus

@Canapin this change is merged (thanks @angus for review).

Please checkout and confirm.

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It’s better now :+1:

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