Having trouble authenticating EventBrite* as a provider...

The authenticate button is disabled, but that might be because I don’t know what the appropriate “admin URL” to add is, anyone know? The documentation isn’t particularly helpful here, it would be great to have screenshots of each filled out.

Also, is the appropriate “token” the api key, private token or public token? Apologies for newbie API questions, it’s not my bag. Thanks for any help!

*As much as I hate EventBrite.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hey there @carbonrich, sorry for the slow reply, and yes, we do need more documentation on this!

The admin url is the url that will be used to link admins to the event provider’s UI where they can manage the event, e.g.

Only admins see this. Note that this is optional. If there’s no appropriate admin url for a provider and you don’t fill this out, then it won’t appear on posts.

The appropriate token for Eventbrite is the private token.

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Thanks Angus!

I assume for EventBrite this would be a generic link like eventbrite.com/organizations/events or would it be the org id link eventbrite.com/o/#######?

Whichever I add, the Authenticate Provider button stays disabled.

I tried to just continue with the process, I can add a Source using the Org ID, however our ID contains text and numbers, so it’s orgname-#######. I’ve tried to import the source with an org ID containing text and just the numbers, and both give a 404 error:

error / import / (eventbrite) Failed to retrieve events from eventbrite: {“status_code”:404,“error_description”:“The organization_id you requested does not exist.”,“error”:“NOT_FOUND”}

I don’t know if this is to do with not authenticating, or is some other error, but I’m fairly confident that’s our org ID (even if I’ve had to try two versions of it).

Any help much appreciated…

Also here’s the settings page in case that’s helpful?

Any help much appreciated!

Really happy to pay for support on this…

I’m also intending to become a paid user when that’s an option.

Sorry I’ve been unresponsive here, it’s been a very busy period and these features are still in development. I’ll give you a detailed response on Monday (I’ve blocked out some time).

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@carbonrich I just want to re-iterate that this is in beta and we won’t be able to provide you with proper support.

Your issue is indeed most likely using the wrong organization id. I know there are a few websites which say you can get it from a URL, however in most cases that’s incorrect. You can obtain it using the eventbrite API, which you can use through their live service here.

You just need to switch your private token here

Then when you run the query you’ll get your actual organisation id in the response section.


That did it :white_check_mark:

It still won’t let me authenticate Eventbrite, but it imported the events once I’d corrected the org_id.

Thanks @angus !

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