Guest wizard submissions not working

I’m trying to set up an anonymous wizard which is not working as expected. I have currently two actions configured (Send message and Route to)

Whenever I click on Done, I’m presented with this:

Could you please

  • Link to the wizards you’re using
  • Share any logs from the wizard (i.e. from the wizard logs)
  • Share any console logs from your browser

Link to Wizard: Coöperative

Wizard Logs: can’t find anything

Console Log from browser: XHR PUT [HTTP/2 500 Internal Server Error 542ms]

Please let me know if I can provide more info in any way.

Thanks, there was an issue with with the plugin manager. Please give it another whirl.


Thanks for the quick resolution, @angus

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We can do anon submissions now? Cool! Must give that a whirl. Do we have some documentation for it?

We built this feature for internal use cases, It currently serves a very specific use case for pavilion. The feature is available in the business subscription of custom wizard and lacks any documentation for the time being.

That being said, we’ll definitely create relevant documentation once the feature has been battle tested for some time.

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