GitHub Status Indicators installed on the Coöp site

I’ve just added this to our instance:

What this means is that any GitHub Oneboxes will automatically show the status of PRs and Issues. This closes the loop nicely for many of our addressed issues and will hopefully reduce our need to post things like “I’ve just merged the PR”. See this example:

This should be particularly handy for our @development_team.


Thanks Nathan, I had actually noticed that feature wasn’t working and hadn’t realised the status required a plugin!

Not a plugin - just a theme component!

Would the Github plugin be useful for you guys? I confess to not understanding what it actually does.

It does two things:

  1. it adds these three contributor badges to a discourse instance, based on accepted prs on github:

  1. it enables GitHub linkbacks, links from a Github pull request or commit back to a Discourse post where it is mentioned.

E.g. commit mentioned here:

Linkback on the pr: