Further enhance the UX for private webcal keys

The UI for the feeds on the Calendar pages looks great now:

However, the user experience on /my/preferences/webcal-keys is too difficult for most users.

Minor suggestion

I note that the documentation link opens in the same tab - it would be nice to have that open in target=“_blank”


This is what the user sees:

Private Webcal

With this explainer on a separate documentation page:

The user has to put this all together, and then paste it into the correct place in their calendar app.


That the /my/preferences/webcal-keys page does this as well:

  1. Has a category dropdown selector for picking the calendar desired

    • the first/top option is the whole site
  2. Presents the keys assembled into an actual link (easily copied) based upon the category selected

  3. Has instructions of where to put this for the common calendar apps (Google, Outlook, etc) on the same page

    • or a link to that documentation that opens in another tab

Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll consider this again when the bandwidth is there.

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