The co-operative makes revenue from:

  • product subscriptions; and
  • grants.

The co-operative does not make any revenue from project work, and merely acts as an agent for members, governed by the member agency agreement.


Expenses are incurred for services and products that benefit the business of the co-operative.

Up to $100 USD per month

Each operational team has the power to incur new expenses, up to a value of $100 USD per month (collectively, not on a per-expense basis), without consulting the members as a whole, however the team must subsequently seek approval of the expense(s) at the next general meeting of the members.

Above $100 USD per month

Expenses above $100 USD per month must be approved in advance.

Approval of expenses

Approval of expenses is by simple majority in a general meeting of members. If an expense is not passed, the team proposing the expense may submit an amended set of expense(s) at the same meeting for another vote.

Project Funds

Any member may propose a project be funded from the revenue of the co-operative. A project proposal must be passed at a general meeting of members.

Member Dividends

Dividends are paid to the members from all remaining revenue after accounting for expenses and project funds. Dividends are paid by member type according to the following formula

Let R be the remaining revenue, M be the number of full members, Q be the number of quarter members, then a full member gets (4R)/(4M+Q) and a quarter member gets (R)/(4M+Q).


Dividends are currently capped so they do not accrue to the point of providing a dis-incentive to work on projects. They are currently capped at

  • $2000 USD per month for worker members
  • $500 USD per month for quarter worker members

The caps can be changed by the members in a general meeting.