Field interpolation doesn't work without "Save wizard submissions"


Discourse Version: 3.3.0.beta2-dev (c77d109362)

Plugin Commit: f066ff938e7effc8fa58383d3c8d52002dd55702

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a new wizard
  2. Disable Save wizard submissions
  3. Create a step
  4. In step 1, add a text field
  5. Create another step
  6. In step 2, add a text only field with w{step_1_field_1} as the text
  7. Save the wizard
  8. Open the wizard
  9. Enter text into the field
  10. Proceed to step 2
  11. The step does not contain the text you previously entered
  12. Hit the back button
  13. The field from step 1 is empty



There appear to be no client or server logs around the time of the issue

Hello @Chief_Engineer,

This is the expected behaviour. If submissions are not saved, then saved submission data cannot be interpolated.

What’s the use case for disabling submission saving?

It seems like the wizard wouldn’t be able to actually do anything other than display static text to users since the field values also don’t seem to get passed on to wizard actions

Yes, disabling submission saving is a niche feature. It was added as a result of a request from a site admin who was quite concerned about data privacy. It is probably not what you’re after.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up