Event Locations From iCal

I’ve noticed that events synced from iCal scources, like Google Calendar, don’t include their location information in the topic that’s automatically created. This would be a huge help for Discourse boards that have events at more than one location.

Additionally, if this could be included with the date and time in notification emails it would go a long way in making events legible for email only users.

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I’ve often thought this too - thanks for the suggestion!

Are you suggesting high fidelity location (as per our Locations plugin) or low fidelity (just text)?

I can see low fidelity being relatively easy to implement (although our focus is on other things right now).

A deep integration between Events and Locations would be sublime, but not an insignificant piece of work!

Low fidelity is more than enough for my use-case, especially if the address can be exposed via interpolation key, since that can be wrapped into a google.com/maps/search hyperlink.

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