📆 Event List Widget

The Event List Layouts Widget allows you to display upcoming events created by the Discourse Calendar Plugin. See the installation guide to learn how to install and administer this widget.

:warning: Please ensure that you have the Layouts Plugin and the Discourse Calendar Plugin installed in order to use this widget.

There are a couple settings that you can configure to customize how the event list widget appears in the layout.

:people_holding_hands: Toggle Invitees

Select if or how invitees will appear in the layout. You can have invitees only appear on hover (default action), keep them always shown, or disable them completely. Below are some screenshots of how each type looks on the default theme.

:spiral_calendar: Max Events

Select the maximum number of upcoming events to appear in the layout. You can set any number between 1 and 10.

:page_facing_up: Style

You can configure how much room the widget takes in the layout by setting the style to: Default, Compact, or Comfortable. Below are examples of how it would look on the default theme.

:art: Theme

There are a few built in themes to configure your widget to look a specific way. Interesting in adding a theme? Create a pull request and add your theme in scss/themes/yourtheme.scss.

excellent :clap:

Very nice :+1:

And I’m really not sure but I believe href: "/upcoming-events" would be better there:

And maybe js.discourse_post_event.upcoming_events.title for the title itself :smiley:

Hi @keegan , I was in the process of reporting a bug when I started to doubt, could you (or anyone) check that installing the pwa on some iOS device results only on the display of what seems to be the json of the events list.
Or am I doing something wrong :thinking: ? I have very few details, some of my users reported this and I don’t have any iOS device to test on…
Category list seems to work fine.

Hey @Benjamin_D,

I just did a quick test with the PWA on my iPad and it seems to be working fine…


ha, the plot thickens!
I was just looking at the discourse ajax lib as a potential culprit, but I’m out of my depth here :sweat_smile:.

Could it be on mobile only ? are you using chrome ? (my users cases were on iphones/safari).
I’ll keep looking for a good repro and come back to you.

I’m using the AJAX library to fetch the events data from the discourse-calendar plugin initially, but all the data is filtered out by the time it is outputted in the events widget, so it shouldn’t be displaying as JSON… Hmm :thinking: yes maybe a once you have a good repro I can better understand the issue.

I’m using Safari on an iPad. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone to test with :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m experiencing same issue as Benjamin https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-calendar/97376/269

It seems to occur when the user is already ‘Going’ to an event. If the user is ‘Interested’ or ‘Not Going’ the homepage loads normally.

Thanks @Zup @Benjamin_D for your detailed information and identifying this bug.

I’ve created a bug report for this here:

and I hope to tackle this issue as soon as I get a chance.

If you do notice any further issues with this widget or any other plugin/theme please do use the Bug Report Wizard to report the issue. This will help me get to it quicker as it will automatically assign it to my list of to-do’s.

Thanks for your support :smiley:

Why is the max of max events 10? Any harm in increasing this to, say, 50?

@Zup Hmm, yes I don’t remember why I added that max initially. I don’t see why it can’t be greater.

I’ve updated the widget now to have a max of 50 with this commit: