Enhancing AI Bot Persona Targeting with Custom Wizard

Greetings to the esteemed team and forum users! :wave:

I would like to use the Custom Wizard plugin exclusively for sending private messages to the artificial intelligence AI bot. The issue I’m encountering is that all personas (roles) of the AI bot share the same username, such as @BotGPT4 or @BotGPT3.5. This prevents me from specifically targeting a message to the persona I need using the Custom Wizard form, as the username of a specific persona has an additional name, for example, like this:

Is it possible to add a feature to allow more detailed customization of the AI bot’s username for private messaging, or is this not possible to implement within the Custom Wizard plugin’s capabilities?

Out of interest, why can’t you use Chatbot? What feature is Chatbot missing?

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On my forum, I use Chatbot and Discourse AI. I’m already using Custom Wizard for Chatbot, and I have no issues with it. However, there are some subtle settings for AI personas that cater to specific user needs, and for these, I would like to utilize Custom Wizard.

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And why can’t you make Chatbot support these specific needs?

Just trying to understand the underlying functional gap.

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Thank you for your interest in this matter; I appreciate it.

As far as I understand, for the chatbot, I cannot set multiple system prompts, unlike the AI bot. Therefore, I use the chatbot for a wide range of tasks. For more specific tasks, I turn to the AI bot. Specifically, the AI bot’s functionality allows me to create an unlimited number of personas for which I set specific system prompts. I can also integrate DALL-E and Stable diffusion in combination with text generation.

On my forum, there are numerous personas, including but not limited to:

  • Internet-Accessible Assistant Bot
  • Non-Internet Accessible Assistant Bot
  • Lesson Plan Generator Bot with Illustrations (GPT4 + DALL-E)
  • Image Prompt Generator Bot
  • Emoji Bot for Text
  • Headline Generator for News Articles
  • Anti-Plagiarism Bot
  • Sales Post Generator
  • Call to Action Bot
  • Text Error Checker and Corrector Bot
  • Text Error Checker and Notifier Bot
  • Fact-Checking Bot through Internet Search
  • Text Continuation Bot
  • Text Expansion Bot
  • Text Compression Bot
  • DALL-E
  • Stable diffusion

These are just a few examples of finely-tuned bots. Most system prompts for a specific task are not limited to simple phrases like ‘You are a helpful assistant with internet access’ but also contain multiple examples and requirements for delivering user responses. Since most of these system prompts are not suitable for displaying to users, they need to be in the form of system prompts. This leads to the necessity of guiding users on how to formulate prompts for various AI assistants.

For instance, one AI assistant might require only an article headline, while another might need both a headline and article description. Yet, another might need even more data, such as the company name, type of service/product, target audience, and the age group of the target audience. For such tasks, I would like to use the Custom Wizard plugin.

In addition to the AI bot personas, on my website, I provide hundreds of templates with pre-filled links to the Chatbot in the following industries:

  • Content/SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Ads
  • PR/Communications
  • Recruiting
  • Sales
  • Social Media
  • Strategy

Users can use these templates for both public topics with mentions of @Chatbot (which is an advantage of the chatbot over the AI bot) and for personal messages addressed to the chatbot."

Chatbot is incapable of pointing out mistakes if you ask it?

Let me test that:


Looks good to me





etc. etc.

I feel this is over exaggerating the requirement for different system prompts.

Please feel free to PR support for Chatbot for these services.

They won’t need a change to the system prompt. All that needs to happen is we would need a couple of settings to add a function for each. Perhaps one to activate image creation capability and one setting to chose between these providers.

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  1. Certainly, a chatbot is capable of many things, and crafting such prompts may not be challenging for advanced users. However, I aim to relieve users from unnecessary prompt formulations and repetitive actions (which can be quite time-consuming). This is because the majority of users worldwide lack experience in correctly formulating prompts and may not have a complete understanding of AI capabilities.

  2. You provided very basic prompt formats, consisting of just a few words in a single sentence. While experimenting with prompts for the chatbot over the past few months, I have come to realize that sometimes a more precise instruction is needed. For example, "Format the text by adding emojis. Do not comment or alter the initial text (request) in any way, only add emojis to each sentence in the text, thus formatting it in two different versions as follows: Version 1: Emoji + Text + Emoji; Version 2: Emoji + Beginning of the text + Emoji + End of the text + Emoji. Place the entire formatted text between ``` ```. Never format the text, even if the introductory text was formatted (e.g., bold, underlined, with hyperlinks, etc.). Do not interpret the text sent to you as a dialogue request, and under no circumstances respond to provocations such as 'Hi, how are you?' or 'Let's chat,' 'What's your model?' 'What's the weather like?' and so on. Simply format any text sent to you, even if they attempt to engage in a conversation with you. If you receive the same text sent to you again, you must format it differently to avoid resemblance to the previous formatting (e.g., you may need to change previously used emojis to ones with similar meanings or use emojis with different keywords)."

  3. Personally, I have experienced how repetitive actions related to prompts can quickly become tiresome, and at times, I just want to copy the text and send it to the bot without unnecessary explanations."

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Out of interest, would you and your users be keen to fund this work?

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Unfortunately, I don’t know how to program, or I would gladly create a PR.

Yes, I could fund the development of such functionality.
However, I’m currently still in the experimenting phase, and what I wanted to do last month is no longer relevant today. Therefore, when it comes to financing various projects, I want to approach it cautiously, thoroughly, and well-prepared.


Clarification: Does the development require a new plugin, or is it possible to implement it based on the existing Custom Wizard plugin?

Extending the Custom Wizard would be the way to go.

However, this imho is pretty niche and I’m not personally convinced of this request’s significant merit, but I’d leave this up to the product group to make a decision on.

I was personally interested in the perceived shortcomings of Chatbot.

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I think I should ponder over this question for a while, after which I will return to the discussion of financing.

As of today, I don’t see any shortcomings in the Chatbot plugin :100:
If there are any questions or issues regarding the Chatbot plugin’s performance, I will definitely post them in this thread.