Enable staying in the same Wizard context when selecting from the tabs

I’m talking about this:


Currently, when a user selects a different tab, the Select a wizard dropdown field resets.

I don’t believe that this is concordant with the way most users interact with the Wizard plugin. They tend to work on one wizard at a time, and move between the Wizard, Submissions, and Logs.

At present, this means that the user has to reselect the same wizard each time they change tabs, which adds friction. This friction markedly increases if the site has more than seven wizards as a scroll down is also required.

It would be helpful if that field remembers the entered value between tabs. It can always be changed by the user if needed (no more friction as when the field resets in that case).

Addition related minor UX point

It might make sense to move the Custom Fields tab so that it is in between Logs and Manager. This would naturally group Wizards, Submissions, and Logs together (which all treat that Select a wizard field the same) and are more closely related.

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