Double notification on topics created by the CWP

I’ve noticed this happening recently, whenever the CWP makes a topic which will generate a notification:


This has occurred on another instance of mine as well, as a topic in a watched category.

I’ve noticed that the notifications condense down to two once read, which is reassuring.

However, they also seem to generate an additional notification email - this is much more concerning as most @admins will be blind to it as most have their emails turned off. I only realised this due to a test user which received the emails.

I’ll take a look at this the week after next.

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@NathanK I’ve been unable to repro this locally so far. Nevertheless I’ve updated the specs to check that only one notification is created.

There might be something else going on here as opposed to just a pure CW issue.

Did this other instance have any other plugins installed. Is there anything about the configuration of the Send Message action you see as being the same between your instance and coop (where you’re also seeing the issue?)

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