Discourse Locations main does not work on tests-passed

Discourse Locations either has a bug, or is incompatible with the Discourse commit linked below.

Time: 2023-04-10T17:02:14+00:00
Message: ````


Branch: tests-passed


Branch: main


Just checking this as it is still showing as Tests Failing on Plugin Status.

Is there an issue or does it just need to be reset?

I’ll take a look when I get chance.

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Ran both the front and back tests on client and had no failures :thinking:

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@angus when you get chance could you please respond to this query: FIX: location search debounce by renato · Pull Request #79 · paviliondev/discourse-locations · GitHub

Btw no test failures on this PR run either.

Done! Merged.


Sorry @angus - I’ve re-opened this as the original issue is still there.

So why is it still showing this on the Plugin Status page?

Because that status was set prior to our update to the PMS and the update made it so that only plugins using the Discourse Plugins workflow would get an updated status. So the solution is to just add the Discourse Plugins workflow to locations. I’ll do that now.

@merefield @richard This is another opportunity to see how the PMS works with our plugin workflows.

A few things to note:

  1. The PMS tests failing status is only responsive to the “Discourse Plugin” workflow now. That is the new standard for all of our plugins. We also add the metadata workflow in to ensure version progression.

  2. Minor note: when you first apply the metadata workflow in a PR it won’t work because github can’t find semver bundled in the plugin repo (because it’s in the PR). That check will always fail the first time it’s merged (but shouldn’t fail on subsequent merges).

I’ve gone ahead and merged this so the locations plugin status gets updated properly in the PMS. Let me know if you have any questions!

Note: the PMS status will update the next time this job runs (probably will have run by the time you read this - it runs every 10 mins)

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Discourse Locations has recovered from this issue.


Wow, @system great job :wink:

Thanks @Angus!


Yup, the test status was updated as expected. One final note here. The status is currently “Unknown”.

That is because when a plugin in PMS recovers from “tests failing” it is set to move to an unknown status. It will change to “compatible” the next time it receives a “compatible” status from a canary server. This means a “compatible” status always requires a double positive, i.e. both tests passing and successful canary build.

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I note that Events is also “Unknown” - and has been stuck on that for a while.

This was because the tests-passed canary server wasn’t being rebuilt properly. I’ve fixed that and the statuses are working. I’ve also pointed the cronitor alerts (which will tell us if a canary server process has failed) to support@pavilion.tech (and added you to that group as well). I’ve also written up a guide on how to address such issues. We can continue this conversation there if you have further questions: