discourse-events running into Ember 5 issue prompt in Discourse 3.2.0 stable

Hey Pavilion team!

There is an issue I found with discourse-events not working once we updated to Discourse 3.2.0 stable:

Also got the following errors for every action attempted:

Error: the 'event-rsvp' modal needs updating to work with the latest version of Discourse

Error: the 'add-event' modal needs updating to work with the latest version of Discourse. See https://meta.discourse.org/t/268057.

Please let me know if you need more information about this.



Thank you for reporting this!

We are aware of this issue. The events plugin is not compatible with Ember5 at the moment. We currently do not have the bandwidth to resolve this issue.

You can work around this issue for now by adding EMBER_VERSION=3 to your app.yml. We recommend staying on stable as well for now.


Hi @richard,

I wouldn’t mind taking a look at this issue and trying to figure out a fix. Do you have a sense for what would be involved to make the plugin compatible with Ember 5?

I have minimal Discourse dev experience and haven’t worked with Ember before, but I have nearly 10 years experience with Rails and JavaScript more generally.

I’d love to see this plugin working for the latest version, so please let me know how I can help.

This outlines the Ember 5 migration:

It’s looking like this is the guide to follow to address this issue.

These seem to be the problematic modals:



I couldn’t find any plugin development guides or docs in the repo or here on the Pavilion discourse. Any suggestions? The best general resource I’ve found so far is this guide series on Meta.


Yes, any help is welcome!!!

It would boil down to:

  • converting those modals (I have done a very tiny bit of work on that in my fork already in a spare moment, so a good example is here)
  • resolving other deprecations like bootbox and Ember globals.
  • removing jquery dependencies (there is one in in the timepicker)
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Hi @rob-better-together ,

Any luck on figuring out a fix?

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I have not had a chance to dig into this since my last post.

It seems that @poka is working on something in another thread:

I will see if I can support their efforts in some way.

Is there a chance that we can merge or link the multiple ongoing discussion topics on the Ember 5 issue post 3.2?

I’m going to fix this plugin next week folks. Sit tight.


The core functionality of this plugin is working again on the latest Discourse.


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