Discourse Events main does not work on tests-passed

Discourse Events either has a bug, or is incompatible with the Discourse commit linked below.

Time: 2023-06-05T12:06:13+00:00
Message: ci / frontend_tests has failed: QUnit Test Failure: Acceptance: Events | Connection: Add connection works, Process completed with exit code 1.


Branch: tests-passed


Branch: main


@development_team and @richard,

Does this error matter? Is it safe to rebuild?

@angus this happened after your commit
Can you please take a look?

The short answer is the plugin is fine, and this is a bit of random failure (maybe a core update?). I think we should create new topic title and body copy for when tests are failing (as opposed to when a plugin is marked as incompatible by a canary). I’ve pushed a fix for the failing test, which should close this automatically soon.


Discourse Events has recovered from this issue.