Discourse Custom Wizard main does not work on tests-passed

Discourse Custom Wizard either has a bug, or is incompatible with the Discourse commit linked below.

Time: 2023-11-16T00:07:42+00:00
Message: ci / frontend_tests has failed: QUnit Test Failure: Acceptance: Field | Fields: Composer - Hyperlink, Process completed with exit code 1.


Branch: tests-passed


Branch: main


Re-ran the tests, still failing.

Ah so this is not my PR! It’s failing in my PR too. (Which was holding up the PR!)

If I solve this for my PR and it is merged this issue will be resolved

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I believe I know why this is happening, and it’s down to an unresolved deprecation which is causing the composer banner not to appear.

I’m on it.

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No, that’s only part of it.

It’s because of the new Glimmer Composer with Topic Template functionality I suspect … still looking.

This is all fixed as part of my huge PR:

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Discourse Custom Wizard has recovered from this issue.