Directing / forcing a group to do a wizard

I’d like to be able to direct a subset of users (i.e. a group) to a Wizard, in much the same way that the functionality works for these two:


At present we can ‘force’ Wizards on either all new users when they signup (the first option), or all users at a set time (2nd option)

I would find it helpful if a group selector was added to the 2nd setting so that there was an option to apply it to either all users, or a subset of users.


  1. Prompting / forcing users to update their user data periodically (e.g. yearly) for communities where that is important

  2. Allowing a lowering of the signup friction for a time (e.g. during an in-person event), but then have the ability to follow up subsequently to capture the necessary data.

  3. Directing a subset of users to an important topic, task, poll, or view for a specific purpose


+1 this would be very useful

I think I missed an important bit of functionality here.

You can ‘force’ a Wizard using the Time Wizard setting, but make it only Permitted for a specific group (or via user field content). This will only apply the wizard to the targeted people.

Looking forward to giving this a spin!

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