Difficulty finding information about the Custom Wizard Plugin

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Hey Nathan, I am sorry for disturbing you, but I have few questions regarding the wizard tool, I tried to search here but I could not find answers.

  1. Is it possible to create surveys?

No problem! Yes, it is. It isn’t the primary use-case for the Custom Wizard Plugin (CWP), but I’ve used it successfully for a reasonably chunky survey.

I loved it as I could link it to our existing user data.

  1. Can we limit who can participate

Yes, absolutely - but to access this feature you’ll need either a small business subscription or apply for a community exemption if you are not connected to a business.

  1. Can we add different question types ( check boxes, text area....)

Yes - it is quite flexible that way.

  1. Do you have an example screenshot of a survey you have built before?