Deleting a wizard keeps it in the category setting it was set in

I’m learning how to use this plugin.

When I was creating a new topic in my general category, I got a “There is no wizard here.” message.

I knew I had a wizard related to this category I deleted a while ago, and couldn’t figure out why it prevented me to creating a topic.

It took me a long time to understand that I had this in my category settings:

It still has “test_wizard”, though this wizard has been deleted, hence the issue.


Thanks for the report

PR in progress here:

@angus this is ready for review

@Canapin this is merged (thanks for review @angus).

Please checkout and confirm.

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The Custom Wizard field in the category settings is empty after deleting the wizard, but I still encounter this when creating a new topic:

Could you please refresh the browser? Does it do it then?

No issues, I can see there’s still a problem, apologies … I’ll investigate

I’ve found the issue, can you confirm this:

When the wizard name has a space in it, it doesn’t delete the wizard association. However, when the wizard name is a single word, this now works fine.

I’ll have a look tonight, I have a lot of stuff to catch up on Discourse after a 4 days break :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can hold off a little as I’ve prepared a better fix that should be available shortly.

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@Canapin second fix now in place. Let me know how h you get on and hopefully we can close this?

Set to auto-close. Assuming fix works.

@Canapin gentle reminder to check this out again and confirm we can close it.

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