Default Language Tag Setting

Moved from Github issue #15

sociocracyforall commented on May 13, 2021

Having an error every time a language isn’t set is a bit inconvenient for the user (and the error is currently not user readable).
Often a forum may have a lingua franca, but still want to require language tags be set.

Having a default language tag seems like a great feature.

Could this be added?
If coding it, where would one put it?
(I’m not much of a coder myself but may be able to bring in some support :slight_smile: )



vccoffey commented on Jul 26, 2021

Under the “require language tag” setting, add an additional setting: “if no language tag is selected, add default language tag”

The default language tag can auto detected from post
add a flash (or popup?) message informing the user that the language tag was added