Custom Wizard admin route not accessible with new admin sidebar

The CW adds its own button to the admin-menu plugin outlet and does not use the add_admin_route API.

If the new admin sidebar is enabled, the admin-menu plugin outlet is not accessible and as such, there is no way to access the CW configuration pages.

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PR for this assigned to @merefield


Merged, thank you!

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Is this actually working?

I can’t find a sidebar link on my recently updated instances:



Yep, it’s there and the link is valid.

Make sure you have enabled:


Hmmm - I just don’t have it on the admin sidebars of 3 different instances (yes all active).

But the appearance is a little different to your screenshot as I only have one column on the admin sidebar.

Is that a different / non-standard view?

It’s the Dropdown mode of the sidebar.

Even after switching to the dropdown, I still don’t have it appearing on recently updated instances.

Does anyone else actually have it appearing?

Yep, I have it on my daily rebuilt instance.


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