Composer preview - image not displayed, white/blank space instead. also next/submit button not reacting


Discourse Version: current

Plugin Commit: b11eea3a06eeaebea54c3693a7fe9d7ed72d8d20

Steps to Reproduce

Now after latest commit the image upload is working.

  • In composer preview, uploaded images are not displayed, just white/blank area.
  • next/submit button not reacting update: working now!



No logs

@Jrgong I can’t reproduce this issue and I can’t login to your staging site as it’s not sending out any emails.

You can see images working as expected in the composer preview on this site in this wizard:

For example

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 11.55.26

Note that I also added support for the delete image button that’s been added to the composer preview of images (recently).

I see an account “thepavilion” with email which has admin and is activated:

we only disabled non-staff emails. Since the account has admin, you should be able to reset PW. can you try? Otherwise communiteq/richard needs to check. Will let them know.

We were working on a mailserver migration so no pw reset emails were sent in the last 30 minutes or so. It’s working now.

Thanks, I’m in.

@Jrgong The issue here is being caused by the mentionables integration. An exception in that causes other javascript to stop running, which is why it wasn’t showing up for me in other contexts. I’ll fix that today.

@Jrgong @richard I’ve pushed fixes for this issue, which is a “compatibility issue” (i.e. Discourse has changed) to the Custom Wizard Plugin and the Mentionables Plugin. The fixes are specifically looking to fix the exception per se. I haven’t tested the mentionables integration itself with the new changes to discourse/discourse thoroughly as I want to ensure this issue is addressed first. That integration should work, but that may also require further work.

note. Also moved this to mentionables, as it’s more a mentionables issue than a CW issue.

I have updated mentionables and CW on staging.

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