Composer action doesn't work unless Title and Post fields contain a value

This is a problem if you simply want to open a composer in a category and let the user do the rest in the way that they are familiar with.

To repro:

  1. Make a Wizard with an Open Composer action
  2. Include a category
  3. Do not include either a Title or a Post
  4. Run the Wizard via the link
  5. Complete the data and hit Done
  6. User is directed to the correct category, but no composer is opened.


Nothing in the console, but this is in the site log:

Deprecation notice: Discourse.base_uri is deprecated, use Discourse.base_path instead At /var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-custom-wizard/lib/custom_wizard/action.rb:361:in open_composer


  1. Do the Title / composing in the Wizard
  2. Put something small in the Post field