Community Subscriptions for the Custom Wizard Plugin

As the Custom Wizard Plugin has matured, we’ve added subscriptions to ensure sustainable and effective development of the product.

This has proven popular with our business clients, who frequently require more powerful tools and the reassurance that comes with a robust support package.

We remain resolutely committed to our open source roots, and appreciate that many Discourse instances are run by volunteers - with a minimal budget. And most are for great causes. Some Pavilion members run one or more of these themselves. Here is one of mine:

Your site is not for profit

If you’re a non-profit, charity or just a community not connected with a business, and you need more than the free tier of the Custom Wizard Plugin provides, you can apply for a community subscription.

While small not-for-profits will be granted a free subscription where possible, larger not-for-profits and charities will be expected to make a contribution in line with what is reasonable and affordable for them.

In return, we ask that you participate in our online support community and help us make the plugin better for all. Helping others, bug reports, praise, and suggestions - they all help!

How it works

We have an open application process, handled by this site. First, you’ll need to join (i.e. this site). You can do that via the button top right, or you can do it as part of the process of using the Community Subscription wizard:

Once you have filled in the fields and submitted your application, we’ll review it and get back to you shortly. Occasionally we ask for more information, or we might suggest an alternative.

If you are successful, we’ll pass on a personalised discount code, and you can get underway with crafting your enhanced :mage: Wizard - and sharing it with the other plugin users out there.