Can't save wizard "wizard required is subscription only"


Discourse Version: 07a6b6f55c

Plugin Commit: 02255491

Steps to Reproduce

I would like to uncheck those 2 options to stop using a wizard, when click save, it said “wizard required is subscription only” and doesn’t allow me to save.

maybe because I have this option checked before the wizard upgrade to subscribe model, hence I can’t uncheck it now.

how can I stop using it without deleting this wizard or delete the plugin?
Even if I choose not to enable the wizard plugin in settings, the new users are still being redirected to the form but with a page not found error.


it’s a closed community and the wizard panel is only accessible to the admin


no errors in console

Thanks for this report. Indeed the wizard-level attributes needed straightening out subscription-wise. This is addressed in the latest version. Please update and let me know how you go.

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