Cannot change topic of category with wizard as composer

Thank you @jumagura , this did fix the original issue! Now I have another problem. The hiding of categories for creating a new topic is also hiding the categories when you edit an existing topic. So my current issue is someone posted something in the wrong category and there is no way to change it to the correct category because that category has the wizard set in the category settings.

Yup, it would make sense to have an override for staff in some way for that sort of thing.

I’m sure you have already thought of working around that for now by turning off the Wizard-as-Composer for that category, refreshing, moving the Topic, and then turning it back on.

Yes, there needs to be a staff override for sure.

I did figure out the workaround, thanks Nathan!

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Hello @davidkingham,

This has been implemented: An update to the category-chooser component to display all categories for admin and staff users.

What’s New?

  • Admin and staff users will now see all available categories in the dropdown.
  • Regular and not-logged-in users will continue to see the filtered list of categories.

Important Note

While this change allows topics to be moved between categories, please note that the control to prevent topic creation outside the custom wizard is still in place. This control is not overridden by these changes.

Why This Change?

This change allows for greater flexibility and control for admin and staff users while maintaining the existing user experience for regular users.

If you encounter issues or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


Thank you Marcos!

It would be really high on my list to override this for admins as well. I often create topics in these categories that do no require the wizard, and the wizard makes it cumbersome for me to create a simple topic.

I’ve just written the documentation for this - and I’m in two minds.

Personally, I think that a bit of friction is actually quite useful here in that it would remind staff that they are circumventing the setup somewhat. I do concede that it would rapidly get tedious if you did it often.

Is it possible to hide it from staff in composer dropdowns, but not title edits or category change dropdowns?

Also, we’ve got category moderators / TL4 to think about - they should also have the ability to post non-wizard topics and / move posts into the category where this is active. Is it possible to include them in the staff behaviour? Or are they already (sorry, haven’t yet tested this)?

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