Bootbox deprecation

Discourse Legal Tools is still using Bootbox and needs to be updated.

I have made a PR to resolve all current issues, can someone please review and merge?
Resolve deprecations by o7n · Pull Request #20 · paviliondev/discourse-legal-tools · GitHub

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I’ve approved and merged your PR @richard.

It would be really good for this repo to gain some tests as that will make approval of PRs more sensibly achieved.

We are getting to the point where:

it’s not practical to retain knowledge necessary to manual test everything as there’s too many plugins to remember the key functionality of.

we really must NOT build anything new without tests and we should definitely consider adding tests mandatory to cover any fix and possibly even any resolution of deprecation so that we can grow their coverage over time.

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Thank you for reviewing and merging!

I agree, but

We should first get everything back up and running. Because we’re losing credibility and users every day. So I propose to fix first and secure (immediately) after.

(This is basically what you said)