Back button does not save draft

See Back Button Does Not Save Draft In Bug Report Wizard - Forum Features - Creator Hub - Forums


  • Enter any wizard
  • Enter information into each field
  • Select next to advance to page 2
  • Enter information into each field
  • Select back to return to page 1
  • Select next to advance back to page 2
  • Observe that all entered information has been erased and has not been saved as a draft

I do realize that this might be a complex one because changing the information in step 1 might change (pre)conditions for step 2 (including skipping step 2 and in that case the information in step 2 should be cleared to prevent it from being saved while it shouldn’t)

I do also realize that the classification as “issue” could be something that not everyone agrees with as this functionality seems to be not implemented.

However, the leading thought here is that something happens that the user does not expect (because a regular browser “back” button works differently as data is being retained when clicking “next” again) and it leads to loss of data (although we(!) consider that data to be volatile at this moment). This also implies that implementing a “warning” when the Back button is pressed would be able to turn the remainder of this issue into a feature request.