Automatically detect language of a Topic and Tag it appropriately with the correct Content Language.

The Content Languages feature is nice but tagging each Topic manually is laborious.

What we need is automated tagging.

I was curious if ChatGPT could help with this and I believe it is possible it could. Take a look at this exchange:

It would not take much to query that via API and process the results.

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I tried a stretch test to see if it could distinguish GB English and just English.

Impressively, it passed this test:

A little prompt “engineering” and we improve the reply:

Full support, removing steps for our audience without compromising the final result is always good :raised_hands:

The setup effort and operational cost for either OpenAI or the Translator plugin can get large.

Why don’t we use the CLD gem for that? It works pretty well.

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Nice! @jumagura

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