Where are the application threads for community licenses? Can’t see my thread

I see that you applied yesterday. Glad you asked - it seems that the Wizard didn’t generate a PM as it is meant to.

I’ll go and investigate, and generate a manual one for you in the meantime.


Turns out that it did make the PM, which is here:

The problem is that it recorded you as the ‘sender’, thus it is in your Sent box.

You might like to edit your application it in order to make it clear that there is no commercial aspect to what you hope to do with your site.

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Would commercial goals be an exclusion criterion for the application?

Oh yes, and what functions do we have then that we don’t have now? The functions of the standard package? It is not listed at Pricing, as the plugin also says

I can’t! I can apparently only edit for a limited period of time

Not absolutely, but the main point of the community program it is to help those who are doing worthy / charitable causes on a shoestring.

I’ll look into that, as it needs to be clear. Thank you for pointing it out.

I’ve upped our edit window so you can now :wink:.

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Have updated