Allow users access own topics in restricted categories

From this post: Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown) - #89 by Alex_王 - plugin - Discourse Meta

And I have another needs, that user are able to view and post their own topics, even if that topics are in restricted category.


Introducing a new feature governed by the setting allow_authors_in_locked_categories. This allows authors to interact with their own topics even in locked categories.

What’s New?

  • New setting: allow_authors_in_locked_categories (default is false).
  • Controller logic updated to bypass category restrictions for authors if the setting is true.
  • Automated tests updated to cover this feature.

Why This Feature?

Locked categories are usually restricted to certain user groups. This feature allows topic authors to access their own topics, offering more flexibility to admins.

Backward Compatibility

This feature is off by default, so existing configurations remain unaffected unless the setting is explicitly enabled.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

I don’t understand this feature request. It seems very illogical to me? How can someone post in a category they cannot even access? :thinking:

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Yeah it seems a very very strange request.

The whole point of this plugin is to give people a sneak peak so they might then try to fulfill requirements to get full access (e.g. by paid membership)

I’m not really sure this requirement fits within the scope and spirit of the plugin? How is this a logical extension?

Should it be a different plugin?

Maybe I’m missing something?

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At first it sounded logical to me, but it can live in a branch for that specific request I believe.


But then you will have the burden of maintaining a separate branch?

Is his person paying for the work? Then they can maintain a fork.


Yes, that would be my preferred way forward as well, this is typical functionality that will lead to extra support questions, lack of understanding what the plugin does and (in the longer term) extra maintenance work.

OTOH It seems you already built this months ago and since no one even saw it I guess a branch would work as well. But I’m not sure if it’s worth actually maintaining it.

One way or another I would prefer that this will not get merged into main.

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Why was this merged into main??? Nobody thought that was a good idea @angus

Via a custom wizard :wink:. And I can see 2 use-cases:

  1. People submitting content for a contest or an assignment (much like your Discourse Private Replies - plugin - Discourse Meta, but applied to a Category instead of a single Topic).

  2. A support category which gives the support crew full visibility while only allowing regular users to see their own support requests. We could use this for our premium support, for example.

But it does seem totally wrong to have it as part of this plugin. Perhaps we could roll it into Private Replies or the CWP. Or even its own plugin?

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That would be a total misuse of this plugin. This plugin does allow people to see the topic titles and even for search engines to index the entire topic.

Your use cases are fully supported by the (my) Private Topics plugin.

I was asked to review it. I did. I didn’t know this topic existed. Let’s deal with what we do next.

If the consensus is to revert it, then we’ll just revert it. Let’s just figure out what we want to do.

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My sincerest apologies for the oversight regarding the Feature PR. Despite our decision to not merge this feature, I failed to close the PR, leading to its unintended merge.

I want to clarify that a community member had inquired about this feature, as it was critical for their use of the plugin, which led to the initial development and PR. The community member was informed that this feature would remain in an unsupported branch, and there was no expectation set for its integration due its niche use-case.


Whoops - they certainly are!! I should have read it more carefully. Nice plugin!

Do you think we should use it here?

It would be better for them to fork it, wouldn’t it? That way we don’t have redundant branches hanging about.

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I am personally a big hater of group inboxes but I’m not sure if that applies to all of us

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