Allow tagging on personal messages (PMs) created by CWP

At the moment, we can’t tag Personal Messages (PMs) that have been created by the Custom Wizard Plugin. However, we can tag Topics.

It would be useful to also be able to tag PMs. While generally used by staff only, this is often super helpful in the Wizard context where the PMs are used for internal workflows.

An example is our own Custom Wizard Plugin Community Subscription workflow.

As we already have the functionality for Topics, this should be a pretty easy addition, eh?

It might need to be able to cleverly interact with the pm_tags_allowed_for_groupssite setting? Hopefully not, as I’m pretty sure that any tag will simply be hidden for users who that doesn’t cover.


Sure thing. Good feature request.

Just as a general note, in a good spirit, never say “this should be easy because it seems easy to me” to a developer. It’s what developers loathe the most. Many things that seem easy from a product perspective are not from a technical perspective. Again, I say this in a good spirit :slight_smile:


Well, it just displays my ignorance nicely, eh? The equivalent in my main trade is the similar “it is just a simple anaesthetic”. Great way to make my (and my colleague’s) blood boil.

Deepest apologies for every time that I’ve done that (sorry devs!!!)


Hi @NathanK

I’m reviewing how to add this feature, but I’m not able to locate where this is needed. My apologies for my lack of knowledge. Could you elaborate on this request, please. A screenshot will be really useful for me.

No problem!

Currently, with the Action Create Topic we get these options. I’m referring to Tags options:

In contrast, with the Action Send Message we get a restricted number of options:

While it makes sense to not have Category (obviously) and Visible (there is no point having an unlisted message), Tags can often be used for personal messages.

Complicating this somewhat is the pm_tag_allowed_for_groups site setting, which is default nul. But I’m not sure that would matter for this.

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:hammer_and_wrench: Feature Request Update :hammer_and_wrench:

Hi @NathanK , @angus

The feature for tagging PMs in the Custom Wizard Plugin is underway.

Current Status:

  • A draft has been started: GitHub Draft Link
  • Initial implementation is in line with the task requested.

Feature Details:

  • The feature will allow tagging of PMs, similar to how Topics are tagged.
  • Tagging will be restricted based on the pm_tags_allowed_for_groups site setting. Only users in allowed groups can append tags.
  • Users who are not part of allowed groups will still be able to send PMs, but without tags.

Next Steps:

  • Add new tests for this feature.
  • Verify existing tests to ensure nothing broke.

I will keep you updated as progress is made. If the current implementation aligns with your expectations or if you think any part should be modified, added, or removed, please feel free to reach out.


Sounds great - I look forward to giving it a whirl soon!