Allow Step and Field conditionality based upon group membership

At present, you can restrict an entire Wizard to a group (or groups) via the Permitted / set Subscriber Feature in the Wizard settings.

The problem is that I cannot differentiate between those in a group and those not, except at the point of entry. This limits the utility of this feature.


I am using a wizard to replace the + New Topic button in my category of interest. @myspecialgroup ‘own’ the category. There are 2 subcategories, secure
and read-only.

  1. For members of @myspecialgroup I want it to guide people into posting to either the category or the correct subcategory

  2. For non-members, I want it to guide them to post in the category itself, with a tag.

To achieve this, I need to be able to determine step conditionality based upon group membership.


  1. That the current [set group] functionality of the Permitted section in the Wizard settings subscriber features be also applied very similar Condition in the Steps and Fields sections

  2. That Permitted and Condition are given the same name to bring it into line with the other sections.

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