Add to Calendar is always off by 1hr

Hi Pavilion team!

I recently had a member reach out about Discourse Events and that the Add to Calendar button is always off by 1 hr. Examples:

Adding to Calendar will be late by 1 hr for these links for both Google Calendar and .ics file

Hey! We just fixed an issue related to daylight savings. Could I first confirm you’re on the latest version of the plugin?


Hey @angus ,

That update did it, thanks!

Quick question, is there any way to enforce an Event End date & time? When you Add to Calendar on an event that does not have an Event End, it will just have Event Start to Event Start

Glad that fixed it!

Do you mean a default Event end (e.g. 1 hour after the event start) when you’re adding an event to a topic? So that it doesn’t require users to always remember to add an end?

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I was thinking not allowing the user to submit the event without an Event End so they can declare it themselves, but that works too, having a default 1 hour after the Event Start. Is that possible?

I’ve added a site setting “events add default end time” that does this. Update to the latest and let me know how you go with that. I’ll leave this open till you report back.

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Thanks Angus! I’ll give it a go and report back :slight_smile:

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