Add ability to download Wizard submissions as a .csv file

Currently, we can only download Wizard submissions as a .json file.

Most non-technical folk would prefer a .csv as this is quite a bit easier to handle with spreadsheet applications. This would also be consistent with the rest of discourse (esp Data Explorer).

I note that Data Explorer gives the option of a .json or a .csv - it would be nice to have a UI consistent with it:



This has come up again on one of my forums, and is quite an issue where the CWP is used for data collection.

The situation:

  1. A form via the CWP to apply for a position on a committee.

  2. The users who need to have timely access to the data are not admins (and shouldn’t be).

  3. In order to get the data to them, currently there are two poor options:

    • a .json download (requiring manual transformation to a usable format for regular users)
    • temporary admin access for the user(s)

Possible solutions

  1. A clever Data Explorer query to pull the data

    • unfortunately JSON_extract doesn’t work with Data Explorer so I don’t think this is possible
  2. Allowing .csv downloads as above (maybe via the same mechanism as Data Explorer)

  3. Allowing specified group access to wizard submissions using the same mechanism as Data Explorer.

  1. create a post with the data, in a group they can access ?

Getting the data to them is easy. The problem is that I’ve got to manually transform it first from .json to something that they can actually read / use / manipulate.

I couldn’t find a sufficiently powerful online tool to do that. This was the best, but I still need to spend quite a bit of time tidying up the result:

No, I mean, you can create a post with the data, just like we do with the CW community applications?

Yeah, that could work. A bit of admin work to set up when doing a form, but they would be nicely kept in the loop.

And if they need the data collated at the end, I can do the grunt work to transform the .json. Still is a clunky workaround though.

Do any others in @cw_community find it useful to have .csv downloads or am I the only one using it this way?

I would LOVE to have this feature. I didn’t quite realize it didn’t export to csv before implementing it on our forum (yes yes should’ve investigated, shouldn’t have assumed haha) and I don’t really have a clue how to easily format it. I’m not very familiar with json at all.

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