Actions to join/leave chats

Discourse has chat channels similar to Discord, which you can enter and leave freely using the pencil icon near the chat list. It would be cool to allow a wizard to automatically join you in some chats vs. others based on some questions.

Right now muting a category doesn’t hide it from the chat list (I will ask Discourse abt this) so the only way to achieve this is to leave the chat.

I can take this feature, I will try to develop this and make a PR. Can anyone tell me what is a good place to start? I’m brand new to the Discourse codebase and I’m just getting the hang of Ruby too.

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Good on you!

I’d also be keen to have a Wizard be able to set some chat specific settings:

  1. Change the user’s setting for chat notifications only (so they only receive chat notifs and not topic ones as push notifications)

  2. Set the notification level for a channel for that user.

This would open up using a Wizard to set up proper notifying group messaging via chat (without getting the user confused).

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