Access Content Fields via the Discourse API?

Hi there,
We are very interested in signing up for subscription for the Wizard Plugin, but before we do, I’d like to know if the Custom Fields created by this Plugin are accessible via the Discourse API? Our use case is that we use the Discourse API frequently on our frontend, to pull data from Discourse to display on the frontend. The Wizard Plugin seems like an amazing fit, as we need to store some additional data about Topics/Posts and you can’t do that via the regular Discourse interface. So our idea was to store this data with the Wizard Plugin custom fields and then pull in that data to our frontend using the Discourse API. We are especially interested in the JSON fields. But, are the Custom Fields for a topic with the Wizard Plugin accessible via the API?

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The only thing you need to do is to make sure that the serializers are set correctly, and then the custom field data will be returned by API as part of the model.

See 9 - Custom Fields

Thanks! Will review the documentation. BTW, none of the images on this forum seem to work anymore. Everything is a transparent PNG?

There is currently a problem with the screenshots in the Custom Wizard documentation. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Yup - this was a casualty of migrating the content from another instance, which has resulted in us losing the screenshots. They only seem transparent - they simply are blank.

As Pavilion is a coöperative rather than a conventional company, it relies upon voluntary contributions for this type of thing. It would really help us (and other users of the Custom Wizard Plugin) if you would be so kind as to edit and add your own screenshots as you work through the documentation.

I’ve made them wikis in order to make this easy to do for everyone, and will have a go at a few of these myself too.