3 - Step Settings

A wizard can have multiple steps. Each step has its own settings.

Add, remove and re-arrange

You can add, remove and re-arrange steps using the controls below “Steps”. Use the arrow buttons to re-arrange steps. Use the X button to remove a step.
The text in (brackets) is the step id (e.g. “step_1”). You may need to know that for some Conditional fields.


This is the text that will appear at the top of the step. It is a required field.


This is an image that will appear below the title and above the description.


This is text that will appear below the step title (and the banner, if present). Markdown and emoji are supported. User field interpolation is supported.

For a full list of supported user and wizard fields for each step description click “Show Fields”. A step description only supports wizard fields from previous steps.


As with all Advanced settings, be careful when using these settings. Using them may affect the normal functioning of the wizard.

  • Condition. You can use conditions to make a step optional.
  • Required. Submission data required for the user to be permitted to access step.
  • Params. Url query params to save as submission data for the step.

This documentation is brilliant, thank you Angus!

Would you mind expanding on the Advanced settings for the Step?

What I’d like is for some Steps to behave as per the Permitted parameter in the overall Wizard setting (ie will be skipped for some users) but I can’t work out if that functionality exists or not within the existing settings.

Hi, maybe there’s something I’m missing.

My wizard keeps starting on step 2 and I can’t figure out why. When I load /w/welcome it redirects to /w/welcome/steps/step_2

If I change the order it seems not to effect things. Any ideas?

I ended up rebuilding a similar wizard, everything seemed ok, then it happened again. BUT, when I tried it as a different user it loaded in the correct order. So I’m guessing it will be ok. :crossed_fingers:

@slambert Are you still having this issue?

I’m just assumed it was because I had advanced one step or something and that state was saved. I will ask a set of users to keep an eye out for it.

Where can I find the setting to rename the slug(?) of a step (red underline in screenshot below). I have one step with a custom name in an old wizard but I forgot where exactly I can rename it.

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 17.27.14

Hey guys. would appreciate the quick info here

@angus can you please review, it seems like “Translation” is missing in the Wizard but present in the documentation

Yes, that was removed a while ago now as it was not working consistently. I’ve removed it from the OP.