Websites and Communication

Pavilion uses various websites to build our software, promote our products and services and manage our projects. We also maintain communication services for members’ use.


This is where all projects are managed, in particular client projects. These projects can be paid or unpaid and concerning any platform

[product or service]

[product or service] are websites we use to promote our products and services. These are static websites, e.g. hugo.

The landing page for our cooperative, directing people to the appropriate website or person, explaining what we do and who we are

The forum for our cooperative, with a private area for members and a public space for stakeholders or anyone interested.



Each member of Pavilion gets a forwarding email address [handle] to use for Pavilion-related work. This is a forwarding address, and needs to be used in conjunction with the member’s existing email service.


Pavilion’s chat instance where members can chat with each other. We now use a discord server. Anyone is welcome to join:


I guess this should be updated as plugins are at now?

The [product or service] is more for the cooperative’s products like

Plugin Manager is to be long term spun off into it’s own non-profit so that’s why it was moved to a different domain to establish a distinction.

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It would be nice to have some of the OPs be wikis so we can contribute to this stuff. We, of course, will get things wrong but it will be all useful iteration towards better and better documentation.

Why not depreciate this and use Discourse Chat instead?

:man_facepalming: - I see it is already installed and active!!! With a nice Plugin Manager Chat Channel to boot!

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Discourse Chat is still not ready for prime-time. We use discord bots for a bunch of alerting which @Eli can describe the best.

Once discourse has support for such bots, we could consider moving to chat but for now discord has functionality that doesn’t exist in discourse chat so both would need to co-exist.

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