VIDEO: Master List of Videos

To manage the videos I’m creating a master list of video ideas here.
Once we do a bullet-point ‘script list’ for it we should link out to a new topic with the list in it.
When we record the video we upload it to YouTube and put the link in the video’s topic.

For users - 5 minute super fast ‘bite-size’ videos (<5mins edited)

Logging in to Discourse and initial navigation
Your first post in Discourse
Upload an avatar and add some Profile
Next steps - Composer toolbar, PMs, Preferences
Saving Discourse to your home screen on Android, iOS and on desktop OS, also bookmarking.
These videos sometimes land better with the target audience if they are recorded on the

For community Managers - longer form videos (~10-15mins edited)

Aimed at community managers or admins, to help them get the best from their Discourse
Mastering Categories and Groups
Discourse features ‘deep dive’
Custom Wizard Plugin - getting started
Basic Theming for community managers
Useful Discourse settings you should know about
Badges and Trust Levels

‘Pavilion Discourse Discussions’ (~30-45mins edited)

More wide-ranging and philosophical discussion about collaboration tools, work, efficiency, communities, etc…

Discourse vs Slack
Discourse vs Email
‘Organisational Memory’
Porous Organisations and the Cluetrain Manifesto
Open source, co-operatives and business sense


Thanks for this!

Like the split by intended audience. Don’t think the map of audience to time matters as much. (As an aside, depending on who we’re recording the last section for, also strongly think those should be <15 minutes. Even people who would have a multi-hour conversation on any of those subjects likely won’t sit through a 30 minute video…). For example it may be worth experimenting for the user facing ones with a lot of incredibly short video vs. longer ones with timestamped table of contents for related topics.

I have some experience with managing youtube/twitch and the like - some things to consider once we have some videos on the board are what our main goals are with the channel(s) in terms of discoverability too. (And separate channels for different purposes is pretty important on youtube).

e.g. if we release with any sort of frequency this sort of setup (based on your groups) may make sense:

  1. One channel with user facing youtube videos - these are made so that community managers can take them and post them on their site as tutorials for their users. We can advertise that we can provide custom videos recorded on a specific site for a specific feature on this channel. This channel maps well with out current business model actually (open source with option to customize). Potential package here. (n$ per video)

  2. One channel with staff/manager facing videos. Beyond just discourse this one also goes into things like community management itself. The marketing here is also to community managers but selling our training/consulting services.

  3. One channel with the Philosophy of Pavilion content. In my eyes this one has the most (and has real) potential to be larger in the traditional youtube sense. Stuff like appropriately lengthed/edited videos on topics important to Pavilion like cooperatives, fair pay, democracy, freedom, the purpose of work, blahblah. Some of these could be about the future and forums too. This one is more about just spreading the ethos of Pavilion to the public in an engaging/accessible way.

  4. Pavilion Technical youtube channel…coding blahblah. There are a lot of good model for how to make an engaging channel like this.

Anyway the first step here is still to get our first videos done so we can critique/discuss but having a mind for discoverability/audience once we get going should help us with the script writing/choice of topic/editing choices.


Great stuff. Agree it’s all about getting going. There’s essentially an endless list of stuff we could do as videos, for the various audiences.

I’ve wikified the first post so people can add to the list.

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I love this!

Great list @pacharanero and nice breakdown @Eli.

The only things I’ll add at this point are that:

  • I’ve made a live instance we can use to do demos on. Here’s the invite link: Discourse

  • I’m going to start with

  • Here’s a relevant approach that just launched in the wordpress space

Hi Angus,

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  6. Setup Web Hosting and Domain Name Course

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Don’t worry there is no catch. We just wanted to provide you with additional training and resources.


Beaver Builder Team

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I’ve joined that instance now


Made you an admin :+1:

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@pacharanero @Eli I’ve actually started with creating a few videos for the WP Discourse plugin, which we manage for I started there as the team want the docs for that plugin to be updated so I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out the video approach.

You can see the videos I made in the context of their topics in the wp-discourse category on @pacharanero I just sent you an invite to that instance which will also add you to the members group which has access to the category. Simon Cossar (@simon on meta) from the Discourse team has been invited to that instance, and he’ll be added to the wp-discourse team, which also has access to that category. He’s our manager for the WP Discourse plugin work and will want to review this before we post it on meta.

The videos are all made with Loom, and are in the “Wordpress” folder on the Pavilion loom account. I’ve sent you both invites to be a “Creator Lite” on our Loom account (Creator Lite seats are free), so you should be able to see the Wordpress folder: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software (after you accept the invite) →

Btw, I’ve made another Discourse instance which I propose we use for demos instead of Not a huge issue, but I think that nomenclature makes more sense. Use this link to create an account and I’ll make you both admins.

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Wow we have a lot of Discourse instances now! I do think it might get tricky to keep track of where stuff is among demo, test, coop, and projects.

I tried to log into demo just now but it redirected me to a Wordpress login, I think you might need to change the site login arrangements.

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Ah sorry, I’ve disabled DiscourseConnect there.

Yeah, we’ll need to create some distinctive favicons I think.