The correct home for documentation on Cöoperative

I’m finding it a little frustrating to navigate between documentation and issues / discussion for specific plugins.

This is due to there being a specific documentation subcategory for each plugin as well as a specific support subcategory.

Single (sub) category for each plugin with tags

It would make more sense to me as a frequent user of this forum to have all the documentation for each plugin housed under their support subcategory and tagged documentation. They can then be easily pulled together under that tag in the subcat if needed.

This shouldn’t break the documentation links as the topics URLs will be unchanged.

Tab Groups to keep things tight

It might also be helpful to have a tag-group active in those support subcats, forcing the poster to choose between

  1. issue (or maybe bug - ‘issue’ is quite non-specific)
  2. feature-request
  3. discussion
  4. documentation
  5. question
  6. ux

This would also work well with a Wizard of course.

And last - Support in the sidebar

It would be helpful to have #Support living in the sidebar too as a site default.

Support is temporarily gone from the sidebar because we have an issue with the PMS plugin. It will be back soon.

For documentation the docs plugin will be used. I want to keep those separate.

Everything is still a bit “under construction” at the moment so things will be better soon, but you need to be patient a bit :wink:

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I can put it there myself for my own account easily. It just needs to be added to the default_sidebar_categories site setting. If nothing else, that would be a useful temporary fix:


That makes good sense - I confess that I haven’t used the Discourse Docs plugin (but maybe should give it a shot). I (think) that they could still be used in the docs plugin if denoted with a tag instead of a category.

Patience? :person_shrugging: I don’t understand the meaning of that word! More hands make light work…

(My) Recent changes seem to have broken the PMS plugin so moving too quickly can be problematic as well.