Next button not changing to done in final step


Discourse Version: latest-release +49

Plugin Commit: e2797ced

Steps to Reproduce

When you have a wizard with multiple steps with conditions, the final step always shows the next button instead of done.

Uploading: nature-photographers-network-wizards-1679689088.json…

FYI I tried to upload the json and it isn’t working, here’s a dropbox link:




Thanks for this report @davidkingham, this one is actually a known issue of sorts, in that it’s not clear that this should behave differently from how it currently does.

  • If the condition that activates the next step is met the button should read Next
  • If the condition that activates the next step is not met the button should read Done

Both are possible and won’t be determined until the step is submitted. “Next” was considered more open ended, i.e. better suited to deal with the two possibilities.

Thanks Angus, that set me on the right path, I missed the option Conditional Final Step and that’s exactly what I needed!

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