How to setup the journal plugin

This topic is about how to setup the Journal Plugin. If you have a question or issue with the plugin setup, you can respond here. If you want to report a bug, or request a feature please use the bug report wizard or feature request wizard.

Journal Category

The Journal Plugin is used on a category basis. After you’ve installed the plugin, create a new category to use the plugin in and check the enable journal setting in “General”.

If you want to restrict who can create journals, then restrict who can create topics in the journal category using user groups and category permissions.

Category settings

Aside from the enable journal setting the Journal Plugin also adds the following settings:

  • journal author groups: Allow specified groups to create entries on journal topics started by other users.

  • update post sort order: Update the sort order of posts in the category. If journaling is enabled topics will be ordered as a journal. If journaling is disabled topics will be ordered normally.

Site Settings

In addition to setting up your category, also review the Journal Plugin’s site settings.

  • journal enabled: Enable journal plugin. You should only need to use this if the plugin has an issue, or you want to keep it installed but unused.

  • journal show topic tip: Show a tip about journals under journal topic titles. You can change the text of the tip by searching for tip.journal.details in Customize > Text in the Discourse admin.

  • journal comments default: Maximum number of comments to display on journal entries by default. “by default” here means on the initial load of the topic. Once the comments are expended, they cannot be minimised until the page is reloaded again.

  • journal entries timeline: Toggles the “entries timeline” that appears in journal topics to make it easy to navigate between journal entries.

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Hey guys

Can you elaborate more on the journal allow any author admin settings as well as Journal authors category settings? What exactly do they do and how do they affect each other?

I’ve updated the description :+1:

This is an interesting setting, but rather on a per-topic basis. In our case every user would want to create their own diary without a dedicated global group to be able to fudge with those. Instead our users are more interested in a journal collaboration with specific users who are able to create entries.

Specifically some of our members started grow-“battles” in which 2 or 3 growers run their individual grows in one journal topic instead of 2 or 3.

Hence at least for us it’s more interesting to give journal creators the ability to add additional co-creators who can then create entries.