Failed rebuild due to Subscriptions Client


Discourse Version: 2.9.0.beta12 (7be53b15)

Plugin Commit: 754a0c69

Steps to Reproduce

Rebuilt site this am.
Hangs on loading…
When subscription client disabled, works normally


I’ve disabled it / private forum. Unlikely to be helpful. Easy to repro.


Nothing useful sorry.

@NathanK I can’t repro this at the moment.

Do you have a specific error indicating this is the fault of either the subscription plugin or custom wizard plugin? I just rebuilt both and successfully and they’re both running both the subscription plugin and the custom wizard plugin.

If it hangs again, even if the logs don’t look relevant post them here as it’ll give us an indication of where your rebuild process is failing. Are you sure it actually failed? Did you perhaps lose connection? Normally a hanging rebuild without any error indicates a loss of connection.

Thanks Angus for the rapid attention!

Yeah - it seems to work fine on our other site now I’ve enabled it over there. But is definitely still broken on Interestingly the CWP works fine, with the community subscription still enabled.

Here are my logs - and yes the browser console is helpful sorry:


Break here:


Usage of `api.decorateWidget(‘hamburger-menu:generalLinks’)` is incompatible with the `enable_experimental_sidebar_hamburger` site setting. Please use `api.addCommunitySectionLink` instead.

and then the deprecation notice breaks.

I’ve reported this on that commit

At this moment I am unable to repro on beta12. The deprecation warning shows nicely without further errors.

You can see it here if you’re logged in (doesn’t appear as guest). Running the latest code in discourse/discourse.

Ok, caused by DEV: Improve discourse-common/deprecate implementation (#18987) · discourse/discourse@8c48285 · GitHub

it changed the options parameter, it does not have a default value of {} anymore.

And my instance was just before that commit.

And it is solved already, so updating to latest will fix it

@NathanK Closing this as the bug in discourse/discourse has been resolved.