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:mag: Overview

This theme component allows you to add links and dropdowns in the header of your Discourse site.

:computer: Code

View the GitHub Repo

:gear: Settings

There are a variety of settings you can configure to customize the component, including link customizations, icon sourcing, adding link security, positioning, etc.

A list of all the settings and detailed explanations about them can be found here.

:thinking: When to Use

This component is useful if you want links and dropdown links inline with Discourse’s existing header. Its recommended to only use this if you have a few links (3/4) so there is sufficient space.

If you need more than a few dropdown links, check out Header submenus by Johani which creates a header menu row above Discourse’s original header.

Although this component also supports adding links alone without the dropdowns, if you only need links without the dropdowns, feel free to use Custom Header Links also by Johani:

:clapper: Preview



Due to lack of space on mobile, links can be triggered by tapping on the arrow down button.