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New Discourse Admin here (show’s been roped into doing a 2.4-3.* migration) - sorry in advance for the silly questions:

The Calendar Screen

  • Is there a way to change ‘+ Open Draft’ to ‘+ Create Event’

In the resulting composer screen in the Calendar screen:

  • Can we restrict what Categories can be selected?
  • Can we set a default Category?

Is there documentation for the Events Plugin settings - all the documentation in the ‘Documentation’ section of this forum is about the Event Connection plug in rather than the Event Creation/Calendar side of things?


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Thanks Martyn - you’ve highlighted several holes in our documentation for events, as well as some issues and feature requests.

Would you be willing to break them down into individual topics in order to be more specific, and so we can address / track each one individually?

Regarding the documentation, your contributions would be most welcome. I’ll see if I can get a skeleton up.


I’ve tired breaking down my questions/observations into separate posts:

Customising Composer Screen for Events - this post (I’ll create a new post about the Events Documentation later, but i’ve maxed my topic posting limit)

Deadlinks with Layout plugin documentation - Layout Plugin - Dead Document Links

Font Awesome/Category Icon support in Category List Widget - Category List Widget - Support for FontAwesome/Category Icons

I also have an issue to flag about Events List Widget now working - but I’ve maxed out my Topic posting (sorry :frowning: )

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I’ve bumped you to TL 1 so that problem should be solved at least!

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