Add text inputs to category names in actions

Category name in action field is limited to wizard field and I can not use text to populate the subcategory name which I would have otherwise done as w{step_1_field_1} - sub but I can’t do it because it is not possible to change the category name from wizard field to text.

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@angus can you follow up on this when you get time?

bumping this @development_team can this be fixed? It can be really useful in automating category and group setup on projects forum.

This would be very helpful for more complex setups / wizards!

I’ll take a look at this today

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@Bhanu Sorry just to clarify, do you mean you want “text” type in this dropdown?

If so, could you clarify the use case a bit? I’m just a bit confused what use case that would support that’s no currently covered by the available options.

Ah I see what you mean, you want the text type here.

Adding this in shortly.

I’d just note that there are specific reasons in each case why some field types are not available in certain fields (i.e. it’s intentional). Adding further type support for different fields requires a review of each new data type, i.e. we won’t ever be adding all types to all fields.

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Apologies for the confusion, I’d like to elaborate the use case a bit more to add context:

I intend to create two categories upon submission of a wizard:
1: Main category that hosts general discussion
2. A sub-category that hosts internal discussion associated with the main category.

The problem I faced while setting it up that way is: I was able to name the main category as usual but the second category had to be named main-category - internal and I couldn’t find a way to append - internal to the second category name. That’s why I created this feature request. If there is a better way to handle this use case then I’m all in for using that way.

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Merged :slight_smile:

When you update the CW to 2.2.13 you’ll be able to use the text type on category names.