4 - Add a Connection

Connections are how you display events you’ve imported in your forum. Currently you can connect an event to a topic in a specified category using the Discourse Event plugin or the Events Plugin.

New types of connections will be added in the future. Any type of connection is possible, including multiple topics per event and dedicated event pages within the forum. If there is a particular way you wish to display events in your forum please reach out to contact@pavilion.tech or reply below.


The user will be the author of event topics created by the connection.


The category is where the event topics will be created


The source is which the events will be synced to the connection


The client handles the displaying of events to users. The two currently supported clients are the two existing Discourse event plugins. You need to install the plugin to use it as a client.

Pavilion plans to integrate the functionality of our events plugin into the Events Integration plugin in the coming months, allowing you to install a single plugin to manage your events.