2 - Add a Provider

The Events Integration Plugin supports a number of event “providers”. An event provider is a service where you host, manage or promote your events.

Supported Providers

Provider Type Notes
iCalendar Calendar Client Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar
Eventbrite Event Discovery
Meetup Event Groups Requires Meetup Pro
Humanitix Event Ticketing
Eventzilla Event Management

If you want to use an events provider that’s not currently supported please reach out to contact@pavilion.tech.

Add a provider

The first step to integrating a provider is adding it in the “Providers” panel.

If your provider requires authentication you’ll need to provide your credentials and then click the authenticate button


iCalendar providers don’t require any authentication, so you can just add one by selecting “icalendar”, giving it a name and saving the provider. If you’re integrating multiple


Get your Evenbrite API key from your Eventbrite account


Get your Humanitix API Key from your Humanitix account


Get your Eventzila API Key from your Eventzilla account



Create an OAuth Client to obtain your Client ID and Secret. You have to have a Meetup Pro Subscription to create an OAuth Client: